Actually when they are willing to believe the God, and looking forward to entering the heaven after their death as well. Someone among the men hired after standing in the marketplace doing nothing----parts of human race decide to have faith in God later than others. But they do have deep faith in God because they have looked for God, who is willing to accept them, for a long time. Nothing means that they desire for following God, left anything they have ever owned.

The landowner paid the workers their wages, beginning with the last ones hired and going on to the first----those who an give up all of what they own to believe in God, will enter the kingdom of heaven first, while those who are eager to enter the heaven but afraid to abandon what they own, will enter the kingdom of heaven last. 3. The theme(s) Learn to give up some choices and what you own for believing in God, and you'll enter the kingdom of heaven earlier. 4. Application Here Jesus taught his disciples how they can enter the kingdom of heaven.

Nowadays, when you believe in something, you will catch hold of every minute to do what you think you must do. That means you will give up many choices to do other hings and many of what you own. At last, you make it earlier than you and others can imagine. A point I want to emphasis on is that when we decide to give up these choices and things we own, we have learned the importance of them in our life, therefore, we give up them as we greatly respect them. Mt. 25:14-30 the talents 1.

The literal story The master gave five talents to one of his servants, two to another servant, and one to the third one before his Journey. Coming back, he gained five more from the first servant, two more from the second man, and nothing more from the third one. The two men got the rewards but the third man was taken the money out and thrown outside. We may think the master was cruel to have the third man punished like this, as the third man though did not earn any money keep the one talent well and did not lose it. . Symbolic details The master----God The servants----men on the earth The talents----what the men have owned given by God according to their abilities The master gave money to his servants and then went on his Journey----God brought us many things since we have born on the earth, for example, wealth, food, glory etc. That is, we have owned many things according to our born abilities in our life. God wants us to work and study diligently with our abilities, so that we can gain more, which will make God happy.

The master's replies to the two men----when people gain more than what they have ever owned by making full use of their abilities, God will happily consider them diligent and faithful in him ,and then he is willing to give them more power, in charge of many things on the earth. Accordingly they will get more pay from God. The master's punishment to the third men----when people do not want o earn more by using their abilities and only enjoy what they own, one day what they own will waste out. God will take all of these things back, giving them to those who work and study diligently with their abilities.

Lazy bones will be poor at last. 3. The We need to obey the God, studying and working hard with our born abilities . Then we will gain more from ourselves and God. 4. Application Jesus taught people how they can have faith in God and make God happy. Now, most of Chinese student don't believe in God, but the unchangeable truth is that we are ndeed born with special abilities helping us survive and grow up, and we have got our lives and many other things from our families. Only we work and study diligently with our abilities, can we gain more than what we have got, and keep what we own Mt. 5:1-13 the ten virgins Five wise virgins took the lamps and the oil to meet the bridegroom while the other fool virgins took only the lamps to meet the man. On their way the lamps of the fool ones were going out. So they exactly missed the bridegroom when buying the oil. As a result, they couldn't enter the wedding banquet as the ones did. Now that only ten virgins would go to the banquet with the bridegroom, it seems impossible that the five fool virgins couldn't enter the banquet with other things which could prove who they were.

It's strange as the door did Just simply shut forever before these fool virgins. 2. Symbolic details The wedding banquet----the kingdom of heaven The bridegroom----Jesus/prophets who gave you the chance to enter the kingdom of heaven in the name of God The five wise virgins----men who are carefully waiting for the chance to enter the heaven with great preparations, and will always succeed in eizing this chance in time The five fool virgins----men who are carelessly waiting for the chance to enter the heaven without enough considerations, and will always fail in grasp the chance in time.

At midnight the cry rang out... At this moment, the lamps of the fool ones were going out----We don't know when the chance to enter the heaven will come, or when the door of the heaven will open. Maybe it will be exactly at midnight. At this time we need lamps to lead us to meeting the bridegroom. Terribly, we have no extra oil but the lamps are going out. Without enough preparations we ill be in trouble and have no possibility to enter the heaven in time. 3. The theme(s) Problems often happen to you when you hurry to catch the opportunity to enter the kingdom of heaven without perfect considerations.

Be careful in your mind all the time or you'll miss the chance to go there. 4. Application Jesus taught people to be carefully waiting for entering the heaven with great preparations. Nowadays, entering the kingdom of heaven was considered more as the thing happening after our death, and we will still live on the earth for a long time. Therefore, people will pay more attention to the question how we can live better in he world. But it's a hope similar to the dream of entering the heaven, which we should carefully make preparations as perfect as possible all the time.

Mt22:1-14 the wedding banquet by the king, refused to take part in the feast, even killing his servants. Then the king punished those guests, and made people at the street corners the new guests. But a man without wearing wedding clothes in the hall was rejected and thrown outside. I was shocked by guests who killed the servants and the king who had a man thrown outside the first time I read the story. The dead servants and the man did not make ny great mistakes worth to their final fate. 2.

Symbolic details King----God Servants----real prophets The first group of guests----men, who have the chance to enter the kingdom of heaven first, do not cherish this chance. They do not regard entering the heaven as the most important thing to do, so they will easily miss the chance to enter the kingdom of heaven for their fool behaviors. In other words, God will take the chance back, and even penalize them. The new group of guests----men, who have the chance to enter the heaven later/last, yearn for this chance. In the story, the wedding anquet had many kinds of delicious foods.

As for these guests, ordinary people, the foods were precious. So they would cherish the chance to eat the foods as much as possible. Didn't they politely wear wedding clothes for the wonderful meal? Yes, they did. For these men cherish the chance to enter the heaven God is willing to give the chance to them. The man without wearing the wedding clothes----men, who have the chance to enter the heaven, lost the chance due to without full preparations. The wedding clothes----great preparations representing their serious attitude that men ish to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Without that God will not let you enjoy the feast in heaven, and may penalize you. 3. The theme(s) Cherish the chance to enter the kingdom of heaven, keep considerate preparations for that, and you'll be able to get a seat in the feast of heaven. 4. Application Jesus told people how they can finally catch hold of the chance to enter the heaven. Now, when we want to achieve your goals or wishes, we should also cherish every chance to achieve that while holding on to more and more preparations. In the end, nothing is impossible for us.