Humans and our effect on the environment

Sometimes we Just do not know what we are doing. We say we will change but do most of us even know what we are doing everyday to the environment and in the long run to ourselves? For most people the answer is no. We dont think about what was done so that we have that paper to write on or the pencil to write with. The thought Just doesnt come to some people. How do we effect our environment? There are lots of ways, but today we are going to talk about three. Overgrazing, overcultivation, and deforestation.

Overgrazing is when plants are xposed to too much grazing too fast for too long or it does not have sufficient recovery periods. This happens when you keep livestock in poorly managed agriculture areas or have an overpopulation of animals In one area. This causes the worth of the land to go down and the amount the land can support to go down as well. Some ways to help with overgrazing can be hunting to keep animal populations down and planting more to keep the amount of plants growing going up. Overcultlvation is when the farmers plow and turn the soll too much and cause It to be unusable.

Cultivation disrupts the soils natural surface and If done too much the land will become un turnable. It also harms the earthworm population which Is Important for the minerals they put Into the soil. One way that farmers try to avoid this Is by skipping a year every so often on turning the soll and also by planting one type of seed on year and another type the next year. And lastly I want to go over room for other things. This contributes to the climate changes and the melting of the polar ice caps. We are having major greenhouse effects also due to deforestation.

One thing we can do to help stop deforestation is to go green and use all the new green saving equipment that is being made. Also, replant forests after cutting some from them. I know as humans we use things, but that doesn't mean that we cant learn to use things and then replace them. Stay away from the things that can not be replaced and work on finding better way to get the things we need without harming the only home we have, this earth. Thanks Marvin Killgore Sources Jessie Szalay. Livescience. com. Deforestation: facts, causes, and effects.