My Dream Home

Everyone has his or her own idea of the perfect dream home. Some people may prefer an extravagant three story and eight bedroom mansion with staircases lined with candles and bathtubs the size of pools. Some may be Just fine with a small cabin overlooking an endless mountain view. When I was a young child, I had my absolute favorite dollhouse that I played with on a twenty- four seven basis. I was constantly rearranging the furniture and making sure that my little home looked Just right.

I imagine that my own perfect dream home would be Just like my own life-size dollhouse, only larger and much nicer. First of all, the exterior of my home would look like something off the cover of a magazine. A large wrought iron gate would open up and lead one into a circular driveway with a fountain in the center surrounded by colorful flowers. The front of my home Is a tan and white brick mixture with an array of differently shaped shrubs in front. Two large chimneys shoot out from the top above a gray slanted roof.

As one alks through the brown framed stained glass door, he enters into the illuminated front hallway. A large double staircase with dark oak panels and a shimmering chandelier above comes Into view. The downstairs of my home consists of the llvlng room, dlnlng room, kitchen, and a library. To the right of the staircase is the living room. My living room will be a very comfortable place to relax. There will be many comfy couches that are made of soft material and covered with many pillows and blankets. A television would be mounted above the stone fireplace.

The room across from the living room is the dining room. The dining room will include a long oval shaped dining table with chairs that have some plush backing to them because I do not like really stiff chairs. The dining room leads into the kitchen where, of course, I prepare my food. The cabinets would be an off-white color, sort of Ilke a light tan, A dark brown marble covers the counter tops. I prefer my kitchen to have light cabinets and not a lot of artificial light because I prefer the way that the kitchen would look in natural lighting. An island stands in the iddle with countertop chairs to sit on.

The room across the hall from the kitchen and next to the living room Is my library. My library would probably be one of my favorite places in the whole house. The library would be a warm, inviting room that Is filled with many of my favorite books and other knick-knacks. There are a few plush chairs and couches covered with several pillows, Just like the one In the living room. A beautiful painting hangs above another stone fireplace. The fireplace Is definitely great for late night reading on the couch. 1 OF2 bathrooms, and a home movie theater.

The two guestrooms and bathroom are really simple and decorated the same with queen-size beds and flat-screen TVs. Another one of my favorite places in my home would be the home movie theater. The theater features a large IMAX screen with a surround sound system. Black leathers reclined are included in this room so that you can relax while enjoying your favorite movies. The ceiling of the theater is black with little LED lights that look like shining stars. A small concession stand sits in the back of the room where there is a small popcorn machine and many boxes of candy.

Of course, the master bedroom is my room and is equipped with a master bathroom and a walk-in closet. The room will have a king size bed that will absolutely be covered with pillows and blankets. Comfort is the main thing that I go for in home design. There will also be another stone fireplace with a large flat screen television above it. The windows of my bedroom act as doors that open up to a balcony that overlooks that garden and the pool out back. My bathroom would probably have grey color walls and a simple chandelier. There would be a white porcelain bathtub and a alk in shower.

A vanity table also lines the side of the bathroom wall. My backyard will include a patio, a pool area, and a garden. The patio is filled with round tables and chairs for one to sit out on a warm day. The pool area includes a large pool with crystal blue water and pool chairs on the outside to relax in. Not far from the pool is the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi would be a great place to unwind after a long, difficult day or on a chilly fall or winter night. Behind the pool area is the garden. As one walks into the garden, he is hit with the fragrant scents of numerable inds of flowers.

A small fountain is centered in the middle of a circular pathway. There are also wooden benches in the garden for sitting down and enjoying the nature. Even though I Just described almost exactly how I want my dream home, I am always adding things or taking away things in my mind. I do not think that I will ever exactly know what I certainly want. The main thing that I want for my dream house is livability. I would not want it to feel too fancy or stuffy for me to live a comfortable life in, Just a home with a relaxing vibe and a few extra interesting touches.